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Senator Jim Merritt’s silence a failure to protect voting rights

INDIANAPOLIS, IN –Despite what has been described as a “bipartisan effort” to expand
voting access in Marion County, yesterday Attorney General Curtis Hill announced that he
is challenging six satellite early voting locations approved by the Marion County Election
Board, following a consent decree entered in the US District Court for the Southern District
of Indiana.

Despite his position as the Marion County Republican Chair, in addition to representing a
district with one of the approved satellite voting locations, out-of-touch Jim Merritt has
failed to stand up for his constituents’ voting rights, choosing instead to opt for politically
safe silence.

“Satellite locations are an important way to ensure that every voter has the opportunity to
exercise their rights,” said Derek Camp, candidate for State Senate in District 31. “I was
pleased to see one of the satellite locations established in Senate District 31, but my
opponent’s silence speaks volumes. His failure to speak out against the Attorney General’s
attack on constituents’ voting rights shows a complete disregard for the voters of Senate
District 31 and all of Marion County – and is just another political game. As senator, I vow
to stand up for voting rights by working for more satellite early voting locations, extending
polling hours, and establishing no-excuse absentee voting in Indiana.”

Derek Camp is a proud, lifelong Hoosier. The son of a working‐class family, Camp learned
first‐hand the success that hard work can bring. After earning his degree from Purdue
University, Derek began his own small business. Eventually, Camp began working at an
Indianapolis law firm to help struggling families get back on their feet. As the leader of a
statewide youth organization, Camp recently secured a national conference worth over
$800,000 to local businesses. As the State Senator for District 31, he would represent parts
of Indianapolis, Lawrence, Fishers, and Noblesville.


Response to the Las Vegas Mass Shooting

Last night, tragedy struck Las Vegas where a lone gunman killed over 50 concert goers and injured over 400 others in a senseless act of violence. In this time of mourning, I join with my fellow Hoosiers in sending condolences to the families and loved ones effected.

It’s become all too familiar in recent years for this country to repeatedly send condolences after such violent attacks. After each shooting, we think maybe this time will be different. Maybe this one is the one that will change things. Maybe this time, our country will have a serious conversation on how to fix this with action.

I firmly believe it is the responsibility of our elected leaders to protect our basic human rights: the rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. That includes discussing and passing legislation to those ends. It is time we have a serious discussion about reining in our gun related violence. We must do so to honor the more than 450 people in Las Vegas affected by last night’s shooting. It’s time we honor the victims of the Pulse night club in Orlando, Sandy Hook Elementary, Virginia Tech, and the hundreds of thousands of otherwise nameless victims of gun violence.

Americans have always risen to the occasion. We pride ourselves in our ability to address a problem with creative, collective solutions. I know we can do better to address this issue while protecting long-held constitutional rights. I have hope that this time, we will.